This New Year's Eve...

Written by Shivangi Sinha of SE ENTC

Some people swear that there's no happiness left in the world. No hope.

Well, how do you explain the entire world coming together to celebrate the advent of a New Year, if it’s not hope?

The hope of a better year, a better life.

New year’s eve brings with it the fragrance of happiness, a whiff of reassurance that things will get better.

And that is what makes those few passing minutes, the few fleeting seconds so magical. We find the entire year flashing past our eyes. All the good times that we shared, the moments that make us laugh like crazy. The ups and the downs that we went through, the challenges that we conquered. And that is when we feel the hope seep through.

It is when we catch the whiff of a new beginning, a better life. It gives us a reason to pop our champagnes, lose ourselves to the music, and celebrate.

A reason to forget about our mistakes and our missteps.

An opportunity to commemorate the promises that were made, the stereotypes that we broke.

A chance remember all of those times when we opened ourselves to a great adventure, or closed ourselves down for the fear of getting hurt.

Because this is what New Year's all about!

It’s about the hope, the happiness.

About second chances and fresh starts.

It's an opportunity to stop worrying about what if's and embracing what will be.

So, this new year’s eve , let's amass all the hope that we can get, all the happiness that we can feel, and hope that it lasts us the year to come.

For, New Year's is not about endings...

It's about beginnings.

Happy New Year!