New Year Resolution

Written by Nabina Ganguly of TE Instru

Congratulations, you made it through 2016. You have successfully reached 'that' time of the year again. You are still optimistic about the year to come, all set to conquer 2017, armed with a long list of new year resolutions. And whether it is losing some weight or getting better marks, eating right or living right, whatever you think is wrong with your life obviously occupies a prime spot on it.

Well, I have to admit, I like the way that you are thinking right now. You are being sensible, listing out the problems, vowing to get them out of your life. Also, I hope you noticed how I said "right now". That's because, in three months, I fully expect this list to be lying at the bottom of your waste paper basket, buried under the little joys and sorrows that 2017 has in store for you. For, let's face it, resolutions are made to be abandoned for the more trivial, somewhat frivolous daily chores.

I don't blame you for this predicament of your new year resolutions. I blame the structure of your resolutions instead . Humungous, unattainable and intimidating, these resolutions are not structured to be fulfilled. They are meant to be nice decorative statements, made to soothe and reassure, rather than to actually be followed. The perfect, wonderful 2017 that the resolutions promise can never actually be attained through them.

Hence this new year, let's decide on making one new year resolution that you can actually keep: let's resolve to stop making new year resolutions. We can make "New year timetables" instead. Assess the problems that you are facing, understand the triggers, examine the consequences.

This new year, let's learn to plan, rather than to aspire. We can do so by setting small, attainable goals throughout the year, instead of a singular, overwhelming goal on January first.

And last but not the least, let's promise that you'll stop beating yourself up for every tiny mistake that you make. Perfection is unattainable. Remember that minor missteps when reaching your resolutions are completely normal. Don't give up completely because you ate a brownie and broke your diet, or skipped the gym for a week because you were busy. Everyone has ups and downs; resolve to recover from your mistakes and get back on track.

Every time you fail, resolve to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Vow to try harder the next time, and eventually, I assure you that you will achieve what you want. We, the Cummins Chronicle team wish you luck!