Success Story : Anjali Pandey

Posted by Harsha Singh of SE Comp

Worried about the interviews? Pondering over what questions might be asked? Why not ask the person who has been in the same shoes before? Here is the placement story of Anjali Pandey, a 2015 pass out from the Mechanical branch. She is currently working as an Edison Engineer (a program in which she gets to study for 2 years along with her job) in GE and takes home a whopping 7.25lpa. Read on to discover her placement story through the Q/A we had.

Q1.How is life in the corporate world?
Life in the corporate world is very different from college. It's when you come to office that you realize how things that you took for granted previously, also matter.

Q2.What adjustments you had to make to fit in?
I'd say it's not that difficult to fit into office, as long as you know how to behave professionally. You have to be more responsible about what you say and behave.

Q3.How many aptitude tests did you give? How do you suggest one must prepare for them?
I gave 1 aptitude test for Siemens, and one for GE. I did not clear the aptitude test for Siemens. For preparation, I suggest you go online and solve test papers. I had borrowed GRE and CAT books because I didn't manage to get those typical Aptitude test books!

Q4.How many companies did you apply in?
I applied to 4 companies, out of which 2 were dream. The first one was the company I interned at i.e. Cummins India Ltd. After this I applied to Siemens, Eaton and GE. I made it to Eaton and GE. I'd like to mention here that one must treat each interview as an experience- not just as a test that you'll either pass or fail. From each interview try to learn something about yourself, understand what kind of questions you are not able to answer. Job interviews are not just about your technical knowledge or your marks- how you talk and what you say also matters.

Q5.Was this your dream job?
To be honest, when in college I did not have any clarity about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. Although now that I've reached here I believe I'm happy to be here and not in some other company.

Q6.Did you face any rejections? How did you tackle with them?
My first major rejection was post my internship at Cummins India Ltd. After the internship they rejected only 3 students and I was amongst those 3. It's natural for anyone to feel really upset, because you'd never imagine that you'll be a part of the only 3 who were rejected.
About tackling, I'd say that it's difficult to take failure in your stride, agreed. Feel bad, but try to figure out where you went wrong so that it doesn't happen again. You can't get into every company you apply to!

Q7.What was the most difficult part for you in this whole process of getting placed?
The technical interview is what I found to be most difficult. This is because each term that you use in your answer becomes a source of question for the interviewer. So beware!
Handling rejections is another difficult thing, and sadly the probability of failing is somehow higher. Don't let one rejection ruin your next interview.

Q8.What are the little things we ignore but they really matter in the interviews?
Confidence. Make sure you answer with confidence. Also remember that marks are important but it's not all that matters. So write your resume well, mention whatever you've done.

Q9.What was that one point where you thought you won't make it?
I have two very interesting incidents-
One was during my HR interview for Eaton, where the HR actually ended the interview by saying that he didn't want me in the company and that he interviewed me just to pass some time before the results. I was extremely upset but for some unknown reason waited for the results. And I got through. I later found out the HR was testing me because I had mentioned being patient as one of my strengths.
The other incident I remember well is for GE, where even after clearing the aptitude test I was sent back because they did not have time to interview everyone and I was not in the top students in class. I went back to hostel, and went to sleep. At about 5:00pm I got a call saying that I should come to college immediately because the interviewers had some extra time. I had completely given up, but few hours later they announced my name.

Q10.What are the type of questions they ask in interviews?
In the technical interviews they focus on your project. Also remember that you lead the interview. Their next question will be based on the answer you give. Try to mention your strong points somehow so that the interview revolves around what you know.
HR interviews are just basic questions about yourself, I personally feel there's not much to worry.

Q11.Any future plans?
No plans as of now, my focus now is to complete the 2 years of the EEDP Program. After that I guess I'll just go with the flow.

Q12.Any suggestions to juniors on how they should prepare?
Know your final year project very well. If you've participated in any major competition, seminar etc., know how to explain your work. Dress comfortably and decently- be presentable and confident. A lot of interviewers tend to ask you about your favorite subject so have your answers ready.

At the end she conveys her regards to juniors and wishes good luck to those who will be preparing for the interviews. Hope it's been helpful reading for you.