Success Story : Samiya Shaikh

Posted by Tripti Chanda of FE ENTC

Working at an MNC for the past six years, Miss. Samiya Shaikh has changed and learned a lot from when she first graduated from MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering. After a long day of amazing work in the office, she gives this interview to tell us how she is doing:-

What batch were you in?
I passed out in the year 2010 in Computer Engineering.

Where are you from?
I am from Ahmednagar. So I used to stay in the Baya Karve hostel.

How long did it take for you to settle into your hostel life?
It did not take me very long to adjust to the hostel life because I was very excited to come here. I was away from my home for the first time but as soon as I made some friends it didn't matter much.

How did Cummins change your perspective regarding Engineering as a profession for women?
I always believed women can be as good at Engineering as men. The amazing fellow students, professors and alumnae of Cummins College only strengthened my view.

What was your favourite subject?
I had so many. Once you start understanding the subjects, you start loving them. Some of them were Design and Analysis of Algorithm. Then I also loved Engineering Graphics.

What event did you enjoy the most in the college?
It is undoubtedly Gandhar.

How much importance do you think co-curricular activities have towards the building of your career in the professional sphere?
In professional life, soft-skills and managerial skills are significant along with technical skills. Co-curricular activities allow us to sharpen our soft and managerial skills. They make us meet people beyond our classrooms, helping us broaden our perspective and make us more confident.

Is there anything that you regret not doing during your college life?
When I look back I wish I would have interacted more with fellow students beyond my friend circle. We learn a lot from people around us; we learn things which our books may not teach.

What are your fondest memories from this college?
I will always cherish the time I spent with my friends and the encouragement given by my teachers.
I remember an incident distinctly - When I joined college, I had no knowledge about programming. "C" and "JAVA" were just words that I had heard. There were many girls along with me who had basic programming experience having had vocational subjects like IT or Computer Science in Higher Secondary school. I was clearly lagging behind others, and felt depressed about it. Rather than copying program from peers or seniors, I tried writing programs on my own. Initially my programs were with lot of errors. As anyways I used to feel so low about the entire situation, it would have been no surprise for me had my teachers thought me to be dumb. But to my surprise, my teacher recognized my efforts in trying to program. She sat with me and we together wrote a dry run of the program. I felt deeply touched. This encouragement and support was the defining moment. Other teachers too were very kind and supportive. Within months, I had begun to love programming and had seemingly become good at it. When I joined my first organization as a fresher, I got plenty of appreciation from my seniors and boss for good programming.

Where are you working presently?
I am working as the Technical Lead, at John Deere in Cyber city, Magarpatta City.

How well do you think the college prepared you for the obstacles of the outside world?
I think my college prepared me really well for the outside world. I was a little scared but more excited that anything else.

If some girl from the college, wants to join the company John Deere, do you think she requires a specific skillset?
John Deere or any company for that matter requires a specific skillset relating to your job profile. But apart from that, in a company like John Deere you need to have basic soft skills. You cannot be just familiar with your field of interest, you have to strive to be more of an all-rounder. Your basics should be clear and your fundamentals, solid. Basically, you should have confidence in yourself.

Any advice to the girls presently studying in the college?
I would just like to say one thing - "Always keep learning!"