5 smallest inventions that will blow your mind

Written by Ruta Chaudhari of TE ENTC

Reference: YouTube-TechJoint

  1. Pilot: It is a smart ear piece which translates between users speaking various languages. Developed by Waverly labs, it promises a world without language barriers. The ear piece comes with a translation app which translates certain spoken languages into the listeners chosen language, letting people communicate in other languages. The device is will cost somewhere between $249 to $299 and the app releases this summer, while the ear piece is set to release in spring 2017. The pilot will be available in 3 colors and promises to translate 4 languages (currently - English, French, Spanish, Italian) with promises to include more languages. Also the app works without an internet connection and only over a phone.

  2. Nico 360: Nico 360 is the world's smallest 360 degree VR camera with a 25MP sensor resolution and 1440P WQHD 3360 video recording. It also allows you to share your pictures with the Nicocam app. The camera is water proof with a fast and robust WIFI 5G and a Li-battery which lasts for about 2 hours. It is VR enabled and has number of mounts including the selfie stick, bar mount, stikie mount etc.

  3. Flic: Flic is a wireless push-button that connects to your android device, and lets you control other devices. It was developed in Shortcut Labs, Sweden. You can download the free app called Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) available for android 4+ and IOS 8+. Flic works well in a range of 50m and is powered by a coin sized replaceable battery. It currently works well with - SONOS: the wireless HIFI system, hue: switch lights, LIFX: switch all lights or a group, SPOTIFY: toogle play/pause or change tracks, run keeper etc.

  4. Wallet Drone: Wallet drone is the world's smallest quadcoptor which is (4cm x 4cm x 1.75 cm). It is the only quadcoptor that docks and charges inside the controller. It can also be charged with an USB that comes with the kit or by 4-AA batteries. Being small in size and lightweight you can carry it in your pocket, wallet or bag pack. It comes with 3 speeds pre- programmed for desired level of flight and a 360 degree rotational view allowing user to adjust orientation. It is available in four attractive colors (Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow) with bright LED lights on underside of its wings for night flight.

  5. Tile: Never lose your phone, wallet or keys again with the world's slimmest Bluetooth tracker with an easy to use app. Tile slim is as slim as two credit cards which makes it perfect for wallets, pockets. You can attach it to any device and choose a ring tone with the tile app, which will help you find your things. If you are searching for your phone, press the button on the tile and your phone will start ringing even when on silent. If you lose your wallet and can't find it, tile helps you get notified when near any device in its global network of tile users pick up it's recent location.